Wireless Network AR and VR Will Help Industry

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AR augmented reality in industry

Augmented Reality is growing in industry. Smart manufacturing and remote operation of industrial machinery are two examples of AR applications. Cellular connectivity to devices is a good option for workers that work in a vast range of locations or that are on-the-move. The 5G network will help make AR more efficient to serve workers with its high throughput, low latency, and consistent experience.

ABI Research forecasts that roughly 10% of industrial glasses and standalone Virtual Reality (VR) devices will be connected using 5G by 2026. Marina Lu, a Senior Analyst at ABI Research, says that the 5G connection will not only keep workers more productive and hands-on but safer. Lu explains that that industrial workers would wear smart glasses that would allow them “to see a digital twin overlaid on a physical object with assembly or repair instructions according to customized needs,” among other uses.

Enhanced cellular connectivity will make it possible for AR/VR to expand to more working areas. Eric Abbruzzese, Principal Analyst at ABI Research, said that “mobility is the key to enhance user AR/VR experiences and industry market penetration.” He added it is a time to develop “new business models that can leverage connectivity capabilities and bring value to end users wherever they are operating.”

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