Get Real-time Measurement and Confidence of Network Broadband Speeds


WAN Speed Test

Accurately Measure Network Speeds

Measure end-to-end broadband and Wi-Fi throughput across your entire network. Optim gives you an easy way to demonstrate compliance with speed targets across your territory, as well as check WAN and Wi-Fi network performance for a specific subscriber.

Features of Optim WAN Speed Test

Test across your network or to an individual device

With Optim’s WAN Speed Test, you can do it all. Run speed tests to the entire network or to a specific device connected to your network.

Easily document you’re meeting your speed targets

Optim speed tests show historical data for your entire network: download, upload and latency (ms). This gives you the data you need to show the FCC you’re complying with certain speed targets.

Real-time and historical speed tests

With Optim, you not only see historical data – but you can conduct speeds tests on demand for a true real-time picture of network performance.

Easily identify performance bottlenecks

Optim measures the end-to-end broadband and Wi-Fi throughput simultaneously, so you can identify performance bottlenecks and give your customers the experience they expect.

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