The Key to Preventing Truck Rolls

Calling tech support for Internet service is inevitable. Customers with varying technical knowledge will call their Internet service provider (ISP) tech support for any issues they might be experiencing. Service Providers have indicated that up to 60% of their Technical Support calls received are to troubleshoot Wi-Fi issues.

Common Causes of Truck Rolls or Service Calls

A customer could experience a Wi-Fi related issue as early as plugging in their router for the first time and not seeing the “online” light turn on. Moving to a new service address, slow Internet, getting kicked off of Wi-Fi, and equipment failure are all common reasons why a customer might call for tech support. Depending on the customer’s ability to troubleshoot with the technician over the phone, sometimes these issues can’t be resolved with a phone call, leading to a truck roll or service appointment in the customer’s home.

Demand for Tech Support is Growing

In addition to basic Wi-Fi troubleshooting issues, home networks are becoming more and more complex with the quickly growing IoT market. Parks Associates found that 84% of US broadband households opt to set up their entertainment and computing devices without professional help, showing an affinity for self-service. Parks found that, despite customers opting to DIY their devices, consumer demand for tech support is growing, challenging service providers to invest in new tools and solutions that meet the demand. Parks noted that customers ultimately look for convenience and control, and tech support services ensure a positive user experience.

Costly Truck Rolls and Repeat Tickets

While more customers are opting for hands-on device and Wi-Fi set up, ISPs are still seeing a growing number of technical support calls and limited information to find a resolution, leading to a costly truck roll. A survey conducted by ContactEngine shows that 74% of respondents with pre-arranged service appointments don’t always answer the phone or their door when they have a service appointment. 44% said there is no best time to be contacted and 35% said there is no best day or time of day for a service appointment. This kind of unpredictability means missed appointments and wasted resources with no resolution to the original service issue. The industry average cost for a truck roll is $125-$150 per service appointment, making it one of biggest expenses for ISPs. With the growing complexity of the home network and the number of devices that use an Internet connection, ISPs are challenged to approach customer service in new ways. One of those ways is through an intelligent Managed Wi-Fi service.

$6.7 Billion Missed Opportunity for Service Providers

Managed Wi-Fi services are a huge missed opportunity for service providers worldwide. Data from XCellAir suggests that 15% of consumers would be willing to pay for their Wi-Fi service to be managed by their service provider or a third party. The growing number of households with IoT devices and the complexity of the average home network are driving customers to look for convenience opportunities. According to XCellAir, “the interest in managed Wi-Fi services represents a $6.7 billion missed opportunity for service providers.” ISPs who aren’t offering a managed Wi-Fi service to their customers are losing potential revenue from the customers who would be willing to pay for managed Wi-Fi services as well as losing operational cost savings opportunities from a reduction in service calls and truck rolls.

Prevent Truck Rolls

Actiontec’s OptimTM Managed Wi-Fi services provides Internet service providers with the unique opportunity to partner with their customers to resolve Internet connectivity issues. By enabling customers with self-service troubleshooting tools first, ISPs can significantly reduce the number of invalid truck rolls and lower operational expenses, ultimately enabling ISPs to provide a competitive service to customers.

With Actiontec’s OptimTM Managed Wi-Fi service,  you get a holistic solution for both your customers and yourself.   Customer’s home networks that were once invisible to ISPs, now can be visible to you in real time so you can provide better support while realizing operational savings.  You can expertly manage, diagnose and optimize your customers’ home networks.  Optim’s customer facing features include:

1. An intuitive dashboard that puts the entire home network environment within reach from a computer or smartphone.

2. Self-healing intelligence and automation that resolves potential problems before they become a problem.

3. Self-service tools for customers to view and manage their network for basic Wi-Fi problems.

4. OptimTM SmartSteering enhances the customer’s Wi-Fi performance for all devices connected to the network, improving traffic flow and Internet speeds.

5. OptimTM Advanced security features that address customer’s growing concerns for privacy and securing smart home devices.

Valued Insights for Service Providers

Optim’s features give customers the tools to potentially avoid a customer service call altogether. When the customer calls tech support, OptimTM offers valuable real time insight into the customer’s network to the service technician. ISPs see additional features such as:


Complete real-time and historical tools for technicians to remotely diagnose and fix problems


An administrator dashboard that shows Wi-Fi performance and trends across the entire network


Machine learning algorithms that automatically identify and fix problems


Flexible reporting for subscribers and managers


All-encompassing cloud, router and IoT security protection


A customized subscriber portal that enables end users to do more themselves


And more…

Optim is a cloud-based platform that is hardware agnostic and can work with any blend of Wi-Fi router/radio. Optim collects data in the home network and through advanced machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, it intelligently acts on that data to deliver a better Wi-Fi experience, with less intervention needed by the service provider or subscriber.

Lower your Skyrocketing Operating Costs with Optim

When customers call tech support, they are looking for a fast resolution to their problem. With Optim, your service technicians can remotely see the entire home network from a single dashboard. Optim provides deep insight into Wi-Fi heath including current and historical data on network equipment, user devices, and traffic. In just a few clicks, service techs can drill down to the problem. For example, checking radio occupancy percentages can reveal congested Wi-Fi channels or if a particular device or service is maxing out the network capability. With this remote visibility into the home network, support staff can make smart decisions whether problems can be addressed remotely or if a technician should be sent to the home.

Optim solves Wi-Fi problems without a truck roll, and ensures that technical support can remotely fix issues faster and more effectively than ever before.

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