Telecommunications Industry Unprepared for DNS-Based Cyberattacks

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A study conducted by security vendor EfficientIP found that the telecommunications industry is struggling with preparedness for cyberattacks. The study found that 43% of telecommunication organizations suffered from DNS-based malware over the past 12 months. After being notified, 81% took three or more days to fix the issue. Telcos are taking too long to respond to attacks, causing a rise in the average cost per DNS attack. Over the past year, there was a 42% increase of a single DNS attack cost. Along with ensuring consistency and reliability in service, strong network security is essential for telcos.

EfficientIP outlined five recommended best practices for the telecommunications industry to help evolve their approach to cyberattacks. These include using adaptive counter measures against threats, using real-time threat visibility and awareness, and incorporating DNS into a global network security platform.

Additional findings include:

  • An average of three telco employees spend more than 17 hours per attack. Due to the long mitigation process, the average cost per DNS attack is rising.
  • During a cyberattack, 45% of telcos had to shut down the affected process and connections while 38% suffered from cloud service downtime.
  • Telco organizations house sensitive customer data and, in the event of a cyberattack, 30% of telcos reported that sensitive customer information was stolen while 33% claimed they had compromised websites.

For an in-depth breakdown of EfficientIP’s recommendations, click here.

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