The Next Revolution of WiFi and Why it Matters

The average Internet subscriber’s WiFi needs are changing. The booming Internet of Things (IoT) market has dramatically increased the number of Internet dependent device in households. As devices and homes get smarter, the home network grows more complex.  Most people only have a basic understanding of how their WiFi works. When WiFi issues arise, subscribers often reach out to customer support for a solution. Service providers and subscribers share a common goal: a WiFi network that performs as efficient as possible. Service providers can address the growing complexity of WiFi with addressing these five common concerns.

WiFi Connectivity

Not being able to connect to an existing WiFi network could mean anything. It could be as simple as resetting the router, but it could also lead to a six-step process and no solution. In the end, the already annoyed customer ends up calling customer support and more trial and error ensues. Service providers that offer a managed WiFi solution can eliminate the frustrating guesswork. With managed WiFi, customers can troubleshoot basic networking issues themselves. With Optim managed WiFi, subscribers can troubleshoot connection issues from a user-friendly dashboard and check the overall health of the network. Optim also features self-healing capabilities to eliminate network problems before they’re customer facing.

Slow WiFi

A bogged down network is a slow network. Chances are, many subscribers don’t actively maintain their network, including reviewing the devices connected to the network. Clearing out devices that aren’t in use or unknown can help improve WiFi performance. Subscribers that use managed WiFi can easily review and remove devices on their network to free up bandwidth and identify WiFi hogs. In addition, WiFi speeds are also determined by the band a device is connected to. Some devices work best when connected to the 5 GHz band while others thrive on the 2.4 GHz band. For example, newer devices like gaming consoles tend to perform better while connected to the 5 GHz band while older devices work better with the 2.4 GHz band. This lesser known fact can cause a lot of confusion for subscribers and results in lagging Internet speeds. To alleviate the bandwidth complexities, Optim managed WiFi includes automatic band steering, also known as SmartSteering. With this feature, subscriber devices will automatically be connected to the appropriate band for optimal performance.

Security of WiFi and Connected Devices

Network and device security continues to be a hot topic, especially as the world leans into a highly digital age. Recently, IoT has created concerns about device security. It is expected that by the end of 2020, there will be approximately 34 billion consumer IoT devices. As more people introduce IoT devices into their network environment, the risk of a security incident increases. Subscribers often protect their network simply by password protecting their router and network. . This level of protection only scratches the surface. Cyber threats are smarter than ever and pose problems for both service providers and subscribers. Infected consumer devices often cannot be fixed by normal means and will often require the subscriber to get assistance from their service provider. In addition, IoT devices often don’t feature endpoint protection software. In order to protect the IoT devices and the network they’re connected to, service providers can utilize the advanced security features of managed WiFi. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, service providers can offer blanket protection across all elements of the network. Routers enabled with Optim advanced security can protect every device connected to the network, including smart home devices that are prone to threats. Optim’s advanced security protection includes browsing protection, malware protection, tracking protection, and botnet protection for peace of mind.

WiFi Performance

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to subscribers managing their WiFi. Without the right tools, subscribers will often do the minimum to maintain their network and are likely to face issues that they don’t know how to resolve. With a managed WiFi platform, subscribers are not only empowered to control their own WiFi network, they are also able to partner directly with their service provider for support and resolutions. This kind of subscriber to service provider relationship can help boost customer experience ratings and encourages customer loyalty. Subscribers with access to managed WiFi can easily enable parental controls, manage the devices connected to the network, review current and historical network data and use optimization tools to improve their networking experience. This appeals to the DIY type of customer who wants complete control over their home WiFi configuration as well as the basic WiFi networker who simply wants their Internet to work.

Remote Troubleshooting

WiFi networking issues are bound to happen. More than 50% of the support calls to service providers are from subscribers who are having WiFi issues. From slow WiFi to poor device performance, subscribers count on their service providers to give efficient and effective solutions. Managed WiFi gives subscribers and easy and efficient way to contact a service technician.  In order to deliver results, customer service technicians and service providers need advanced analytics and data to address networking issues. The real-time data collected with a managed WiFi allows providers to see patterns that may indicate a networking issue. In addition, technicians can also remotely view their subscriber’s network to find a solution without a house call, saving both time and money. Optim has proven to reduce call lengths by up to 75% when they have the tools to address issues remotely.

In order to keep up with the rapidly evolving WiFi landscape, service providers and subscribers alike must recognize the importance of proactive WiFi management. Managed WiFi services like Optim are designed to simplify the complex nature of WiFi networking for service providers and subscribers, enabling an empowered and optimized networking experience.

OptimTM Managed WiFi solution is available through reputable Service Providers.  You can learn more about home networking and Wi-Fi security with Actiontec’s Complete Guide to WiFi Networking. For the latest news in technology, check out Actiontec’s blog.

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