Smart Speaker Satisfaction Rates Reach Nearly 90%

by | Nov 11, 2018 | Market Research | 0 comments

smart speaker

David Mercer of Strategy Analytics revealed in his presentation at the Connected World Forum that voice interaction is the preferred alternative to touchscreens and keyboards, with a satisfaction rating of nearly 90%. In fact, half of users say they can’t imagine life without a smart speaker. Four key factors in why people are buying smart speakers include: entertainment/information, marketing, life organization, and practical uses.

Additional findings include:

  • Only about 33% of existing owners are loyal to one brand. Amazon and Google currently lead the market. Emerging brands include: Bose, Samsung, and Sonos.
  • Half of smart speaker users report spending more time listening to music and radio and a third control their smart TV or streaming device using their smart speaker.
  • More than 50% of homes have more than one smart speaker.

For more information or to download the presentation, click here.

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