Obtain a Competitive Advantage with Cloud-based WiFi Management

When so much of the world is connected by the Internet, it only makes sense for our WiFi to be managed within scope of the Internet. Cloud computing was designed to do just that. Historically, everything from files to data management was localized to a device or a physical server. Cloud computing are servers, software, and databases that are accessed over the Internet, regardless of physical location. The cloud makes data accessible from almost any device, provided that it’s connected to the Internet. It wasn’t until recently that service providers began to recognize new opportunities for more efficient WiFi management with the cloud.

What is Cloud-Based WiFi Management?

As new generations of connected devices enter the home WiFi landscape, service providers and operators are facing a wave of WiFi related customer support calls. The WiFi Alliance found that 71% of mobile communication goes through WiFi. In addition, Gartner reports that there will be an estimated 25 billion connected IoT devices by 2021. The demand for efficient home WiFi has grown exponentially over the last several years. Now, service providers can respond to that demand by offering cloud-based managed WiFi services to their subscribers.

Managed WiFi is a tool that enables whole home network visibility for both subscribers and service providers. Unlike typical offline WiFi management tools, cloud-based WiFi management ensures that service providers are better equipped to serve their subscribers remotely. Cloud-based WiFi management includes three key components that make it a viable option to handle modern WiFi demands:

  • Scalability – As WiFi continues to evolve and grows more complex, it’s important for WiFi management solutions to be agile. Cloud-based WiFi management has the flexibility to adapt to changing subscriber needs.
  • Efficient Collaboration – Cloud-based managed WiFi makes sharing network information between the subscriber and service providers easy and efficient.
  • Automation – Network components and configurations need updates. Cloud-based WiFi management allows service providers to regularly review the network and deploy up-to date versions of the latest technology.

Optimized Customer Support with the Cloud

Service providers benefit when providing their subscribers with superior WiFi and premium tools, like managed WiFi services. Subscribers want to manage their home WiFi themselves. Conventional ways of managing WiFi are a hassle and often confusing. Cloud-based managed WiFi compiles all elements of the home network onto a user-friendly dashboard that allows subscribers to see how their network is performing and address underlying network issues. Subscribers are drawn to a personalized WiFi experience that addresses their broadband needs. WiFi experience accounts for a majority of customer satisfaction ratings. Accenture found that 75% of customers said they’d be more likely to buy from a company that recognizes them by name, knows their purchase history, and can recommend products based on their past purchases. The same study found that 60% customers are comfortable having their data used by businesses to deliver relevant content. 58% said they would be comfortable with companies using data since they believe they will receive a better overall experience. Optim managed WiFi takes a proactive approach to network management by offering self-service tools that shows real-time WiFi network diagnostics and suggestions for WiFi optimization. Optim also includes tools for IoT integration and advanced security directed at IoT devices for peace of mind. Service providers that implement managed WiFi have reported reduced churn and increased subscriber satisfaction.

The Big Data Cloud

Cloud-based platforms offer flexibility, scalability and easy integration to collect and store data to help service providers address advanced networking issues and security concerns. Optim collects data from subscriber home networks through advanced machine learning and AI technology. The automation elements of machine learning and AI empower subscribers to take an active role in their WiFi experience. Optim goes beyond simply managing the devices on a network by adapting to each consumer’s unique networking needs. Machine learning technology allows Optim to drive subscriber interaction and satisfaction through features such as automatic band steering, enhanced security analysis, and real-time network performance monitoring. Machine learning can produce performance reports that detect potential WiFi weak points and work to proactively mitigate or resolve those issues that would otherwise lead to a customer support call. These tools allow subscribers to address and resolve network issues without the hassle of contacting customer service and even having to schedule an in-home service call.

Machine learning influences two major areas of the home network:

  1. Troubleshooting – Home networks that have integrated AI machine learning can be trained to identify data patterns that result in network issues and offer workable solutions without human interaction. Proactively identifying and fixing network related issues through metrics means both consumers and IT professionals can spend more time on other pursuits.
  2. Security – Data is often encrypted for consumer privacy and security purposes. Encrypted data makes it extremely difficult to identify malware unless the data is decrypted. Machine learning is able to easily navigate through a plethora of encrypted data to identify patterns that point to malware.

Beyond the customer experience benefits, managed WiFi services can also reduce service provider operating costs. Providers that have deployed Optim have reported a 75% reduction in call handling times.  End-to-end WiFi and home network management in the cloud provides tech support call centers with remote visibility for efficient troubleshooting, resulting in a positive WiFi experience for subscribers. Deployment of a cloud-based managed WiFi solution is a simple way to future-proof your broadband offerings and ensure your services stand out among the competition.

Learn more about how Optim can improve your subscriber’s WiFi experience.  Are you a Service Provider looking for more information on Optim Managed Service Assurance Platform? Please contact our Business Development team directly.

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