Measuring Campaign Return for OTT and CTV

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According to Nielsen, early two-thirds of U.S. households have access to a connected TV device offering endless media options. In their interview with Dan Robbins, Head of Ad Research at Roku, he answered some questions on measuring campaign return in the OTT (over the top) /CTV (connected TV) world.

Robbins sees a first challenge in measuring OTT against CTV media campaigns return as figuring out what effectiveness looks like building measuring tools directly into their operating system so that brands and advertisers can take the same 3rd party measurement in either digital or TV platforms.

Robbins sees the value proposition of OTT as taking the best of TV together with the best of digital. It takes the branding power onto the largest screen in the home along with the targeting and attribution expected from digital. Marry these and the ROI will follow.

The opportunity for this is in the ad-supported ecosystem. The number one search term on Roku is “free.” The growth of advertising, the ability to reach the audience, and then to measure the effectiveness is a huge opportunity.

Streaming is now mainstream. Robbins sees this as the future for all TV and therefore for TV advertising. There is a lot to be learned about how consumers interact within this environment.

See more of Dan Robbins interview, here.

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