European Smart Home Growth

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Over the past decade, availability, awareness, and reach in smart home technology has increased exponentially. The North American market has maintained a lead in development and adoption of this market, and demand is increasing in other regions of the world.

ABI Research released a series of reports that examine smart home strategies and services globally, and how that looks in different regions. Europe appears to be ready for significant growth.

The report includes an analysis of leading industries, service providers, smart home systems, and devices across Europe. It focuses on the leading western European nations and provides insights and actions for smart home providers and players.

Other information:

  • National telcos Deutsche Telekom and Swisscom have evolved their smart home strategies over a number of years.
  • Competitors Vodafone and BT are newer to the smart home market.
  • Smart Home OEMs Hive and Netatmo increasingly face U.S. rivals that have a strong foothold in the market.
  • Smart home voice control front-end devices like Amazon Echo’s and Google Home devices offer a promise for greater smart home awareness and adoption. They are held back by limited national language support and increasing competition between major players.
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