Get Deeper Visibility into WiFi Networks for Troubleshooting

When thinking about the amount of data service providers have, most subscribers would think “My service provider is looking at my network? Creepy!” More consumers are growing wary of their data privacy and security, and rightfully so when thinking of hackers, bots, and phishing scams. But service providers are not a malicious cyber entity. What subscribers don’t know is that service providers can glean valuable service information from their subscriber networks, leading to a better customer experience across the network. Service providers can use data analytics to improve WiFi performance and increase customer satisfaction.

Network Data and Performance

WiFi performance is based on a variety of factors. For example, the number of devices that are connected to the WiFi network in a subscriber’s home plays a role in the overall performance of the network. To make matters more complicated, performance is also impacted by which band each device is connected to. Even something as simple as router placement has an influence on WiFi performance. It’s likely that subscribers aren’t aware that their router might require firmware updates to maintain ideal performance. With so many variables, it’s becoming more difficult for subscribers to manage their WiFi without some support from service providers via customer service calls or a managed WiFi assurance platform. When equipped with a managed WiFi platform, providers can help identify performance bottlenecks that negatively impact the subscribers WiFi experience.

Every single WiFi connected device creates a ton of raw data. That data can tell a lot about the health of the WiFi network, the quality of service, and underlying issues that subscribers may be facing. The problem is that all that data isn’t easily quantified and translated into usable figures without the help of software. More and more service providers are turning to managed WiFi platforms to help manage the data flow and make sense of it all. By using a managed WiFi platform, service providers can better understand the service quality across their network. Optim’s managed service assurance platform takes data analytics a step further, using machine learning and AI driven tools to provide an in-depth analysis of subscriber data consumption and utilization. With this data, providers are better equipped to make informed business decisions to improve their network performance and deploy value added services to their subscribers.

Simplify WiFi Network Management

Service providers and subscribers want the same thing: an efficient network with as few problems as possible. Subscribers expect their service providers to deliver an easy and seamless WiFi experience. To achieve this, service providers must partner with their subscribers and use network data to anticipate subscriber needs and deliver them without a hitch. It’s no secret that WiFi has evolved rapidly and will continue to do so. The constant evolution of WiFi challenges service providers to be agile in adapting their services to adopt the newest technology. Using a managed WiFi platform can help service providers implement updated technologies and smooth the transition for subscribers. Take WiFi 6 for example. WiFi 6 has been talked about for the better part of a year and now that the technology is available, subscribers want in on the faster speeds. Shifting to a new WiFi standard is rarely simple. When providers deploy managed WiFi to their subscribers, they can review their current hardware to see if it’s WiFi 6 compatible, provide upgrade suggestions, and smoothly adopt WiFi 6 in the home. In addition, subscribers can skip the research and count on their managed WiFi service to automatically direct their devices to the appropriate band, whether it’s the 2.4 GHz, the 5 GHz, or the soon to be available 6 GHz band.

Optim managed WiFi simplifies WiFi management for both subscribers and service providers. Subscribers have a custom dashboard that allows them to review their network components, check on the general health of the network, look at device performance, and resolve basic connectivity issues by themselves. In addition, Optim’s advanced security gives subscribers peace of mind when they’re adopting more connected devices. Service providers have a separate dashboard that provides them with deeper visibility into the subscriber network. From the provider dashboard, technicians can run real-time and historical data reports that can help identify and resolve subscriber facing issues before they impact network performance.

How Data Can Improve Customer Care

Data drives managed WiFi. The more data that is available to providers, the more improvements service providers can implement. Service providers benefit from solving subscriber problems. Managed WiFi not only provides valuable services to subscribers, it also reduces subscriber dependency on customer support. Optim’s self-service tools, self-healing capabilities, and automated network health reports put the subscriber in control of their WiFi network. With subscribers in control, Optim creates a personalized approach to network management.

Service providers that deploy managed WiFi services can expect:

  • Reduced customer support calls
  • 75% shorter call handling time
  • Faster problem diagnosis and resolution
  • Fewer expensive truck rolls
  • Reduced churn

When service providers use customer data insights and apply them to service offerings, they are taking a proactive approach to WiFi management. Optim helps service providers future-proof their WiFi services while gaining a competitive edge. WiFi optimization with managed WiFi is a mutually beneficial method to keep subscribers happy and create value adding opportunities. When providers proactively address customer facing issues, they establish a positive relationship with their subscribers. In the end, the goal is to provide customers with the best WiFi experience possible. Managed WiFi is the most efficient tool to help achieve that goal.

 Optim is designed to make home networking easy. Optim Managed Service Assurance Platform offers comprehensive solutions to both basic and complex networking problems. Customers and service providers can benefit from the intuitive tools that Optim offers. To learn more about what Optim can do for your business and customers, contact an Actiontec representative or check out the Optim website.

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