100 Million Connected Devices in Use to Access Pay TV Services

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The NCTA reports that more than 100 million connected devices were used to access pay-TV rather than the traditional pay-TV set-tops. A report created by D+R Interactional outlined the progress made through an energy-saving collaboration. The report shows that pay-TV operators and manufacturing partners have generated $3.5 billion in energy savings since the collaboration began six years prior. The program has led to a 34% reduction in energy use by set-tops since 2012.

Additional findings include:

  • Energy saved in the first five years was enough to power all homes in Los Angeles county for nearly a year.
  • On top of saving consumers billions of dollars, the program has also encouraged the rollout of new services including cloud DVR, multi-room services, and 4K Ultra High Definition set-to boxes.
  • App-based pay TV proved to be a major driver of energy savings.
  • Smart TVs, Apple TV and Roku sticks use very little power compared to set-top boxes.

Click here to view the full report.

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