Bonded MoCA 2.0 Network Adapter

5G Small Cell O-Bridge 


O-RAN Alliance has defined reference distributed architecture to enable next generation RAN infrastructure, consisting of DU and RU. We have developed a series of hardware platform specially targeted for 5G small cell deployment for indoor 5G coverage and capacity enhancement. The platform is fully programmable based on general purpose ARM Processor and FPGA. A 3-tier architecture is adopted to carry out the gNB functionality, i.e. SC-60 O-DU, SC-70x O-RU and SC-640 O-Bridge. The number of each component can be flexibly configured to meet various application demands.

The O-Bridge implements converging of multiple remote O-RUs. It expands the interface capability of the O-DU and supplies power to O-RU through hybrid fiber or PoE.

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  • 3GPP and O-RAN compliant
  • Rich high speed interfaces
  • High capacity and flexible cell combining
  • Compact, easy for installation and maintenance


Dimension (W x H x D)442mm x 43.6mm x 310mm
Interfaces for O-DU connection2 * 25Gbps, SFP28
Interfaces for O-RU access8 * 10Gbps, SFP+/RJ45 (Cat6A)
Interfaces for cascading 2 * 25Gbps, SFP28
Power SupplyAC: 110~240V (1000W)
Power Consumption54W (without power output)
Weight<6 Kg


Radio access technology- 5G NR support
- Sub6G and mmWave (future releases) support
- O-RAN Option 7-2x low layer split, eCPRI support
Performance and
- 4 * 100MHz 4T4R or 8 * 100MHz 2T2R
- Up to 8:1 cell combining
- 2-level cascading
- 802.3bt power supply for O-RU through hybrid fiber or PoE
Power Output- <=720W
Timing - SyncE and IEEE 1588v2 TC
OAM- O-RAN compliant OAM, with NETCONF/YANG

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SC-640Mass production
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