Various internet service providers are bringing gigabit broadband service to the public. AT&T, for example, is bringing the service to homes, apartments, and small businesses in multiple metropolitan areas, including Columbus OH, Detroit MI, Mobile AL, and Memphis TN. Wide Open West (WOW!) is following suit, providing Huntsville AL, Evansville IN, and Knoxville TN with dramatically faster connectivity at $70 per month with a two-year term agreement.

In the same vein, CenturyLink recently announced that it had connected more than 14 thousand multi-tenant units with 1 Gbps service. These units are located in over 600 cities across the U.S. The company also said that it will deliver symmetric gigabit service to over 100K small to large businesses, along with VoIP and managed IT solutions. Another provider, Windstream Communications, said that it will use millimeter wave radio technology to update its fixed wireless networks in 72 markets, while Suddenlink, an ISP based in the Southwest, launched gigabit service in markets across New Mexico and Texas.

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