Why Integrating the Smart Home is Important

Smart home technology is becoming a household norm. Globally, over 34 million households adopted a smart home device for the first time in 2018. Many new home builders are embracing smart home technology and are integrating it into homes, building the foundation for further smart
home integration. The smart home market is all about full integration in 2019. Growth in the North American smart home market has recently seen a small decline, as consumers are now looking for ways to integrate the smart devices they currently own and connect them to their smart home network. Smart devices, such as the Nest or Ring, are becoming basic household items, and consumers are now looking for ways to integrate and connect the rest of their smart devices to their smart home. Voice controlled devices, namely Google Home and Amazon Echo, represent a third of the smart home devices sold this year. Voice controlled devices are the base of most smart home networks, shifting consumer focus to adding devices that can build upon those foundations.

Home Integration Hubs

Smart home devices help to create a custom-tailored environment in your home that matches your lifestyle needs. While devices offer a host of features to accomplish that, complete integration allows you to have a seamless smart home experience across devices. The smart home integration process hinges on smart home products both meeting your needs as well as working together to create an all-encompassing, easy-to-use system.

According to a recent study from 451 Research, after buying one smart product, 70% of consumers buy an additional smart device. Smart hubs like Google Home systems and the Amazon Alexa line of devices allow for all compatible smart home devices to converge and become accessible by voice. With home automation, you decide how your smart home devices react through voice control or scheduled settings. In addition to direct voice commands, most smart home hub systems include an app for remotely accessing your home’s devices.

Benefits of Whole Home Integration

Convenience – Integrating your smart home devices allows you to control all aspects of your home environment with simple voice commands. You’re able to adjust your thermostat, close the blinds, dim the lights and turn on your favorite movie, all while wrapped up in a blanket on the couch. Customization opportunities allow you to create a home schedule for additional freedom.

Safety – Remote access to smart home devices offer some peace of mind, knowing you can set up alerts and notifications for things like home security cameras and doorbells, motion detection, and even window and door sensors. Not sure if you locked the door before going to the airport? With a few taps on a smartphone, you can assure your home is secure.

Potential Savings –Automation has the potential to create a more energy-efficient home, especially with smart thermostats and smart light bulbs. These devices can be automated to only operate when you want them to.

Managing Your Integrated Smart Home

ABI Research identifies greater DIY capability as a feature that makes smart home technology more attractive to the average, less tech savvy consumer. A complete smart home management solution such as Actiontec’s Optim Managed Wi-Fi solution, supports voice-controlled devices, offering a true connected experience as consumers build their smart home and add new devices to their network. Optim bridges the gap between consumer and Service Provider, offering easy device management and direct access to troubleshooting tools and technical assistance.

Optim Managed Wi-Fi provides:


1. Easy to use, self-service dashboard tools for the customer

2. Self-healing network capability to proactively heal

3. AI machine learning data collection on a global level, allowing the system to make complex decisions to self-heal and troubleshoot the customer’s home network.

As vendors continue to develop smart technology that pairs with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), it’s crucial that consumers have easy access to get the most out of their home network and direct access to tech specialists should they run into issues when DIY-ing their smart home. Optim Managed Wi-Fi solution is available through reputable Service Providers. For the latest and greatest in Smart Home technology, check out the Actiontec Blog.

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