‘Netflix Only’ Remains Top Streaming Service in the US

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According to a report by Ampere Analysis, 20% of US homes subscribe only to Netflix. 71% of US households subscribe to more than one subscription video on demand (SVOD) service. This means just 29% of streaming homes subscribe exclusively to one SVOD service, which is down from 41% in 2016.

With the launch of Disney and WarnerMedia SVOD, the number of households that “stack” (subscribe to more than one service) four or more services has stayed about the same in recent months. The addition of new SVOD services will make households consider swapping current services or adding new services to their SVOD bundles.

Additional findings (according to Multichannel News) include:

  • Popular combinations of SVOD services are: Netflix and Amazon Prime Video (14%), Netflix and Hulu (9%).
  • Netflix has the highest satisfaction score of any US TV service. Amazon and Hulu closely follow.

For more information on Ampere Analysis’ report, The State of SVOD Stacking Q3 2018, see this article by Multichannel News.

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